Saturday, February 19, 2011

Umbrello UML Modeler

  • Umbrello UML Modeler is a free software UML diagram application available natively for  Open Source Operating System(linux). It is a part of the KDE Desktop Environment but works well with other desktops and programming environments.
  • UML defines diagrams that can describe nearly every aspect of software, from class structures to individual procedural activities to collaboration amongst classes, and even how software eventually is to be deployed.
  • We will explore the features of the most popular UML editors, looking at four important factors: user interface look and feel, support for code generation and code import, conformance with the latest UML standard, and integration with the environment. 
  • It is a free software so it can be freely distributed or modified by anyone who has a copy of it. 
  • Umbrello has Three areas to draw diagrams are Tree view,Work area and Documentation Area. 
  1. UML stands for Unified Modeling Language.
  2. Umbrello UML modeler is an Open source tool.
  3. UML Modeler is fully concentrates on designing because with fine designing we canget implemented to successfull  software.
  4. It consists of over 65,000 lines of code including comments and is made up of almost 300 files/classes.
  5. It is currently ranked in the top 10% of projects.
  6. It is hard to judge the number of users but the latest version has had over 10,000 individual downloads and its inclusion into KDE will increase the many users.
  7. Other competitive products of Umbrello are ArgoUML, Dia, Kivio, visio. 
Compare Rational Rose and Umbrello:
  • Rational Rose is very popular UML modeling language for designing diagrams but it is very costly and widely used for closed source system.
  • We can get only a trial version of  the Rational Rose software to work but Umbrello is come with the operating system as open source or we can download it and so we can implement all those diagramming features and code generation of Rational Rose.
Umbrello Features are:
  • It is implemented with all types of UML diagrams are:
  1. Class Diagram
  2. UseCase Diagram
  3. Sequence Diagram and Collaboration Diagram
  4. State and Activity Diagram
  5. Component and Deployment Diagram
  • It has reverse engineer code and it is exported to a large range of languages such as
  1. C++, Java
  2. Javascript, Actionscript
  3. Perl, PHP
  4. Python
UML  is used for:
  • Planning Requirements
  • Plan class structure
  •  Share plans with others
  1. It is standard language and it is based on industry standards.
  2. It is a free software, user friendly and easy to understood.
  3. It helps people new to the code base become familiar to generate the code base.
  4. The information should not be lost even power off or restarted or shut down the system,when you open your umbrello uml modeler it shows the already designed diagrams.
  5. The diagrams we have designed should be automatically saved as autosave.xmi which is not available in other UML tools like Rational Rose,Argo UML.
  6. File format (loosley) based on XMI, an XML language for UML.
  7. Software Developers can easily design and document everywhere using UML.
  8. The latest version of Umbrello UML modeler 2.0.0 is available with 2.30mb.
  9. We  can create code directly which enhances productivity and saves a lot of the developer's time.