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Pros and Cons of Open Sourse


             Open Source Softwares (OSS) is used to make all their source code available to the public. Every one who knows enough programming skills, and they are willing to read source code, can debug it. Due to this debugging process, Open Source products become relatively bug free. The price of an open source program is usually far less than a comparable proprietary program. Their motto is "share and share alike". The open source software will never expire or demand payment. In open source systems, users of the community are friendly and helpful. For example, when we face any problem and can't find the solution over the Internet. If we login to IRC server, we can find a channel related to our problem. If we login to, we will find many great open source projects, or just download and use. If we login to, we will find enough books and we can learn more about open source softwares.

Pros of using Open Sourse Software:

1.   Open Source Software is license free software. We can download full version of open source software from internet. But for Closed Source Software, it is not a license free software. If we wants to download closed source software, it is only available for trial version for 30 days or 15 days.

2.    Open source softwares supports multiple software vendors, and not tied to a single vendor. But in closed source softwares, for example Windows operating system, we only depends on Microsoft Corporation.

3.    Linux operating system is an open source software.  Windows operating system is an closed source sofware. When compared to Windows, Linux operating system is more efficient way to communicating Server in remote systems using secure shell ( ssh ) command.

4.    Linux operating system is having more efficient tools such as konsole, open office, Firefox, kate editor, k3b, etc...

5.    While installing Linux operating system, the operating system itself  having all tools such as kate editor, konsole, k3b for CD / DVD writing, Firefox for browser, Real Player, printer configuration, scanner configuration and all administrative settings. There is no necessary for another software to install all available tools. If we wants to install Windows operating system, we can install only operating system with some amount of utility tools. We needs another softwares to install office, CD / DVD writing software, etc...

6.   Linux operating system having more effective firewall settings to protect system from antivirus. But in Windows operating system, there is no effective firewall settings to protect system.

7.    Linux operating system provides more effective kate editor for typing programs. Kate editor provides more advanced features, such as infinite undo and redo, block selection mode, session handling, unique colors for keywords, etc... We can also configure kate editor for providing more features. When compared to Window's text editor, Linux providing more effective editor.

8.    Linux operating system provides more effective command prompt named as Konsole. We can execute php scripts, shell programs, and sql files in konsole itself. We can also open and change the coding of php programs in konsole itself, that is we can use konsole as an editor. Konsole supports multi tasking, that is we can open more number of konsole and use them at the same time. But in Window's command prompt, we can't execute all types of programs in command prompt itself. It doesn't support multi tasking.

9.    When compared to Windows, Linux operating system provides more efficient way of usage and fast access to users. Because Windows based on GUI --> Graphical User Interface, that's why it takes much more time to execute programs. But Linux based on Command Interface, that's why it provides fast access to execute programs.

10.  Open source software provides source code for users or clients. While using open source software, if we wants to change some of the functionalities of the software, then we can modify source code and use this software as our wish. But in closed source software, it is not providing source code for users. It is not possible to change source code.

11. PHP is a most popular and more effective Open source software. It is a server side scripting language. It supports all types of databases. When compared to closed source softwares, such as ASP, DOT NET, and JSP, PHP is a powerful scripting language.

12.  PostgreSQL is an effective open source software for database management. Using this database, we can store images also. When compared to closed source softwares such as Oracle, mySQL, and Access, PostgreSQL is an efficient database for storing data. PostgreSQL supports Object Relational Database Management System ( ORDBMS ).

13.  Apache Web Server is an open source software. Using this Apache web server, Client can give request to Apache web server, then web server send request to application server.

14.  In open source software, whenever we wants to change functionalities of the software, we can change source code for ourself. We can create our own version of this software. We won't wait for next version of open source software for providing this functionalities. But in closed source software, we don't have source code to change the functionalities of the software. We must wait for next version of software for providing these functionalities.

15. Open source software maintains Stability. If any application crashes in Open source operating system of Linux, it won't harm the kernel or other processes. We can reinstall that particular application and easily repair the system. But in Windows operating system, if any application crashes, it will also affect other processes.

16. Many open source softwares are available. There are application packages for office productivity, graphics, multimedia, computer programming, operating systems and server infrastructure. When compared to closed source softwares, these open source softwares are very reliable, powerful, compact and network friendly.

17. Open source softwares are very easy to integrate and interact, that is very simple to adapt any type of programs.

18.  Open source softwares are developed by group of peoples. They have a forums to discuss about problems and sharing their ideas among themselves to implement new open source software with advanced features. It is a community-driven & community-serving.

19.  Open source forums are used for developers to enhance open source softwares with new features and to get experience through working on open source projects. If developers have any problem while developing the software, they can ask other developers through this forums and get clarifications.

20. Open source project give more responsive and authentication to individual users and clients. But in closed source project, they don't care about users and clients.

Cons of using Open Source Software:

1.    Peoples point of view, they don't have much aware about open source softwares.

2.    Hackers problem. That is, open source software provides source code for users. If the user can access this code in wrong way, it will affect originality of the software.

3.   There is no open source softwares for school students and interactive games for childrens. But in closed source software provides more number of softwares for interactive games and for school students ( eg. Abacus ).

4.    Open source softwares are developed by many number of peoples. There is no restrictions for users to edit source code. So, first developers can lose control of their software.

5.    Other user can change our code and create a competing product. Because our code is open, our source code is visible to the entire world. We can't say, u don't change my source code.

6.    Many open source projects do not focus on interactive user interface. But in closed source softwares, they provide interactive user interface for users.

7.    Open source software often does not have good documentation. If we install any open source software, it doesn't have any documentation to give guidance, how to use this software. But in closed source software, If we install any software, it have documentation to give guidance, how to use this software.

8.     Hardware support on open source software can sometimes lag. That is, some of the latest and greatest hardware that is being produced is not compatible with Linux. For example, Graphics Card problem.

9.    Open source softwares are deveolped by many number of peoples, and they are working and releasing new versions of the software. We don't know, what version we are working with and exactly what it does.

10.  Usually gets Open Source Software ( OSS ) over the Internet, and can mistakenly download a virus or Trojan which can damage the computer.

11.  Open source softwares are difficult to find in internet, and it is difficult to install in the system. But in closed source softwares, it provides interactive interface to install the softwares.

12.  We can use open source softwares in only the open source operating system, that is Linux operating system. We can't use it in Windows operating system.


       Open Source Softwares are better quality, higher reliability, more flexibility and lower cost. Open Source is an approach to design, development, and distribution offering practical accessibility to a product's source. Open Source means, Free Software from the Free Software Foundation. Open Source Software (OSS) projects are built and maintained by a network of volunteer programmers. Examples of open source products are the Apache HTTP Server, Internet browser Mozilla Firefox. One of the most successful open source products is GNU/Linux operating system, an open source Unix-like operating system. Free and Open Source Software ( FOSS ) is a software which is liberally licensed to grant the right of users to study, change, and improve its design through the availability of its source code.

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